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Friday, September 1, 2017

Q & A: "Does a writer need a large platform to get signed with an agency and get a book contract?"

I so appreciated this wisdom, on author platform, from Karen Hardin, President of PriorityPR Group & Literary Agency, that I wanted to make it available to writers, here. You're welcome.

Q: Does a writer have to have a large platform to get signed with an agency and get a book contract?

I really am looking for good writers who are willing to work hard to create a career. I am less and less willing to take on complete newbies who have absolutely no platform and want me to push it all uphill. I’ve done that, and can make it work, but at this stage in my life, I just don’t want or need to go there. I’m looking for good writers who have something interesting to say and are hard workers.

Q: So what about writers who don’t have large platforms?

I tell writers to be working on their platforms every day. Just a little bit daily helps. That’s really the key. 

One author I represent didn’t have much, but she had a couple of key contacts that we worked hard for a year before I would present her proposal. The result was she was a very hard worker and even though she had a small platform we got a contract that has now resulted in another contract. 

Karen says, "Small platforms that are growing work. No platforms don’t."

Margot adds: Love this, Karen. Thank you! Stay tuned for Karen's four steps to begin building platform. (Seriously, she's a smartie. Don't miss it.)

Connect with Karen:

Karen Hardin
President of PriorityPR Group & Literary Agency
Over 25 year’s experience in the publishing industry


  1. I am very happy to read this and will continue to work hard. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Good for you, Carolina! I found this to be hopeful information! : )

  2. This was really helpful, thank you. I'm looking forward to the next part!

    1. Right??!! It's a good one! LOL...I preloaded it, so I'll be surprised when it's published. Maybe in next day or two? Stay tuned...

    2. My pre-load failed! Here it is:

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