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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Too Much Self-Disclosure?

Writing Readers,

Because I know you're interested in how to tell the truth faithfully, I just want to pass on this great post at Hermeneutics...


  1. I have read Love Warrior. Melton describes a period of time right after learning of her husbands all through their marriage pornography and infidelity issues when she did just as the article suggests. She stopped writing and started listening for God. Her raw and honest story is a breath of fresh air to many. Many of the comments sound judgmental and possibly without actually even reading her book. I hear a great deal of humility and wisdom and hope in much of Melton's writing. Is she perfect, no. But which of us is?

    On the bigger topic, I agree that we each need to really search our hearts about what we do and don't reveal. But I do think that religion has created a great deal of shame and many reside in the shame of secrets. Once we are vulnerable and share them, they lose the shame power. A delicate balance, for sure. I try to only write about my own process and not tell too much of the story of others.

    1. Thanks, Tricia, this is really helpful. And I admire & respect your process, not telling more than is yours to tell of others' stories. Right on.


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