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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

High School Seniors: All You Need to Write a College Application Essay That Shines!

Know a rising high school senior?

Now is the time to be working on college
application essays.

Will she?

Will he?

No, probably not. We all acknowledge this.

But hang onto this link, because this free college app essay review checklist is a great tool that equips friends and parents to offer valuable feedback on the essay.

And if students want to learn how to write a great essay, they can check out Writing College Applications Essay That Shine on Amazon! (Or the Christian College & University edition)

Highlights of the guide and the checklist:
  • How to choose a topic
  • Writing the essay that only you can write
  • Cliche essays admissions readers have seen twenty times today already
  • Taboo subjects to avoid
  • The purpose of the essay
  • Why a strong hook matters
  • Finding the right "voice"
  • What you do and don't know about your audience
  • Essential components of a great essay
  • How parents can be helpful and how they can't
For all you need to know: download the FREE college application essay review checklist!

*If your circle includes teens or parents of teens, please share this post! They'll thank you. (I will, too.)

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